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Spent a day hiking in the landscape of particular beauty along the river of Leger that inspired Angela Duval.

We have called our duo Deliou (Leaves) after a poem by this great Breton poet.

Passing through the spring forest, listening to a wild concert of birdsongs to the point where Leger reaches the ocean.

Within spring the riverbanks turn into a botanic garden.

Reached the delta and swam in the ocean.

An delioù kentañ

Anjela Duval

Disul edo c’hoazh louet
Ha noazh o skourroù
Ar regennad gwez pupli
Hir-hir ha moan-moan.
War vevenn ar prad,
Oc’h arvestiñ ouzh o skeud,
En dour du al Leger.

‒ Hiziv o deus cheñchet liv;
Ned int na roz na melen,
Na kennebeut liv gwer.
Un arliv eo (anavezet hepken

Gant al Livour-Meur…):

Tener, blizidik ha bresk,
‘Vel ur menoz o tiwan
En spered ur bugel.

Anjela Duval,
e-tal ar Pont-Kozh,
20 a viz Mae 1962.

First Leaves

Anjela Duval

Sunday they were still grey
And their branches naked,
The row of poplar trees
So tall and so thin
On the edge of the meadow,
Contemplating their image,
In the dark water of the Leger

Today they have changed colour.
They are neither pink nor yellow,
Nor are they at all green.

Its a subtle shade, known only
To the Great Painter…
Tender, delicate and fragile,
Like an idea germinating
In the mind of a child.

Translated by Lenora Timm