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The Artistic Imaginarium of Valdštejnská Lodžie in the town of Jičín, Bohemia

Saturday December 10th I am going to give a gig at a magic place! I have played there many times so far and I am always excited to go back and touch the local Genius Loci!

This time I have worked together with two wonderful Bohemian artists, the singer  Jana Vébrová  and the percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Jan Šikl.

Also playing some scenic music composed by my dear friend Eleni Dretaki, a lyra player and a composer from Sitia, Crete.

Together we have created music to a very untraditional scenic concept of the Christmas story of Mary and Joseph.

I am also looking forward to playing in a duo: hardanger fiddle and fiddle with Daniel Malczyk.

I really feel like writing more about this Genius Loci.

In the town of Jičín in Bohemia there is a place called Valdštejnská Lodžie.

It is a unique baroque sight, previously a representative noble seat built by Albrecht von Wallenstein (1583 – 1634), a Bohemian noble, politician and military leader.

Wallenstein was dissatisfied with the Emperor’s treat of him, so he considered allying with Protestants. He was assasinated in Cheb (Bohemia) with the Emperor’s approval.

My friend Jiří Vydra and his team have been running a cool project (non profit-making organization) called ” Wallenstein Culture Imaginarium ” right  in this unfinished baroque architectonic pearl. Thanks to their imagination, hard work and passion it has became a center of living alternative culture. Jiří Vydra follows, with great respect, the steps and the dramatic story of Albrecht von Wallenstein.

His intention was to remake the soroundings of the town of Jičín into a ” Baroque landscape composition ”

This spectacular concept, inspired by the astrological phenomena, the sunrise and sunset during the winter and summer solstice has never been completed due to Wallenstain’s violent death.

Valdštejnská lodžie is a mysterious and unique memorial of Wallenstain’s unrealized dream!

What can you experience in Lodžie?

Concerts, theatre, exhibitions, Wallenstain tour, workshops, artistic meetings, sight-specific projects (scenic art in non-theatrical enviroment), different creative events supporting imagination and fantasy, experiencing the atmosphere of the sight.

Do not hesitate and enter:

Valdštejnská lodžie