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Magic of Mazurka dance

Last week we played together with Mikuláš Bryan, dancer, singer, musician, translator…

I sometimes truly enjoy playing for dancers. They give you a nice feedback on the rhythm, phrasing….I enjoy the resonance.

I realized again how much I like mazurka and how little we know about this dance in this country.


Nearly every Czech person would imagine a very simple mazurka with this strange text about the fact that a grandma happened to have four apples and a grandpa happened to have two apples, so : ” Grandma give me an apple so that we both have the same amount of apples “:)

The truth is that this romantic triple metre folk dance that originated in Poland inspired many composers of classical music and nowadays became a completely different dance and very popular among (bal)folk dancers all around Europe including Northern Ireland….

There is a mazurka written by Mikuláš that we recorded last week. It is called Londres. We were in the right autumn mood for a slow melody so even if the intention was to record something completely different and fast, this was it.

It also reminded me of a year I spent in London…