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Jitka Malczyk – Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is my new composition that I am very happy to share in this video!

Behind  this music and images there are incredible moments I experienced in Iceland while hiking the Laugavegur trail and climbing up close to the famous volcano of Eyjafjallajökull.
The massive eruption of his monster caused the air travel disruption around Europe in 2010.

It is the ” way of the hot pools ” in Landmanalaugar and a tough walk through the colorful liparit stone Rainbow Mountains, the lake of Álftavatn to the valley of Thorsmörk.

The weather conditions allow you to walk the trail only in summer – if you are lucky.

Wading through the glacial rivers with water reaching up to your waist, walking the lava desert in rain, wind and snow, smelling the typical “volcanic rotten eggs” perfume with the volcanic dust entering your eyes – this is very challenging but really inspiring!

I have never seen such a contrast between black and white!
Fire and Ice! I started imagining what was actually going on there in 2010!

The power of pure nature – you can feel respect as never.
You can not believe the scenery is real!

Thank you Daniel Vojtíšek for facing the cold with me in the field, taking the photos and making the video and Daniel Malczyk for making me do the track!