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DELIOU ( LEAVES ) Winter Tour in Bohemia (CZ/FR)

My musical colleague, dear friend and harpist from Brétagne Célestine Doedens is coming to give some gigs with me in the Czech Republic at the beginning of December!

Together we are called Deliou, which means Leaves in the language of Bretagne, the language that she can speak fluently.

She comes from the area of Bretagne where the breton poet Angela Duval was born.

We met 4 years ago in Prague and since the moment we have been enjoying the precious moments playing the harp, violin and hardingfele together, travelling and giving concerts all around Europe.

We have recorded a CD called  Mezi listy (Among leaves).

Deliou – Mezi listy

We have also created an audiovisual project, a performance called  ” Les Plantes Vivantes ” – Living Plants.

You can have a look here:

Les Plantes Vivantes


Autumn leaves, rough sea, deep dark pool, emeraldine forest, wild and romantic dance on the windy wings of Bretagne, a walk in Paris or Prague. With our music you will cross the Carpathian meadows to the Balkan countries and  you will take the flying carpet to chase the magic of Orient…

Why not dream….for more dreaming, more information about Deliou  and tour dates check our website here or Deliou Facebook:


We are giving three concerts. The first one will be on 1st Dec in the intimate atmosphere with candles of Salla Terrena in the mystic heart of Prague in Kampa.

The second one is going to take place in an old tower ! In the town of Mělník in the wine area north of Prague.

The third one is going to take place in the baroque chateau of Jemniště east of Prague.

Jemniště Chateaux