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New CD Jitka Malczyk & Vojtěch Jindra! Watch and listen:)

I am just releasing a new CD with the Czech guitarist Vojtěch Jindra.

fiddle and acoustic guitar

We decided to create an acoustic duo, originally based on the Irish tradition, where the fiddle and the guitar together in a duo is a usual traditional phenomena.
Based on frequent travels and our knowledge and respect to this style we either use the traditional forms and fill them with our own content and inspiration from our Bohemian backgrounds or we just play what “appears in our minds and hands”:)

We called it ” Neotrad

I have heard this word once in Bretagne during a tour after a gig from some local folk musicians who used it in connection with what I played.
I realized that was it!
This is what we play!
“neo” – some new musical language within respect to the form and European folk tradition-how natural:)
We like playing this style everywhere: a big festival stage to enjoy the fast dynamic tunes, a church, where you can use the precious and important silence as a part of your gig, small club venues for focused listeners or Irish nights with dancers, exhibitions…

You can get more info here:

if you want to add it to your collection you can buy it here:

Buy: cdbaby.com