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Neotrad on the road to Moravia

We had a good time releasing Neotrad CD with our friends in Dundee Jam in my hometown Kladno…

Thanks also to DJ Silverman & Company for the afterparty:)

We are heading to Moravia with Vojtěch tomorrow, to Brno to play  live for Radio Proglas and in the evening to give a concert in the historical university town of Olomouc…

There is a set on the Netrad CD called MOJO IN PARADISE:

Our set about the contrast of two legendary roads….Los Angeles, California. An early wake-up. Rent a strong, huge car and zip down at 100 mph along the highway in Mojave Desert with an incredible feeling of living freedom.

And the second tune? It is called Paradise Road. Everyone will turn up on it one day, but musicians spend a hell of a time there.It’s not about the other world beyond the grave, it’s about the most popular Czech highway D1-a road to paradise. Surprisingly, the tune is in a major key.

So tomorrow we are taking D1 again!:)

Listen here to Mojo in Paradise

Photo Daniel Vojtíšek