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Heading to Crete for new music

Heading to the very East Minoan coast of Crete today to the village of Kato Zakros.

It is fascinating, I keep going back to Crete to play and discover more about the music and tradition and to walk in the complete silence of the local mountains.

I love the two local instruments: the Cretan lyra and the lauto.

Kato Zakros  is also the village where olives originally come from!:)

During the excavations in the local Minoan Palace from 1600 BCE the archeologists found a bowl with olives.

Once they were in touch with the air they turned into dust…

In the land of Terra Minoika there live wonderful landscape artists Ilias Pagiannidis and Stella Ailamaki who have been building a beautiful place full of sculptures and other pieces of art that walk in hand with the landscape with respect to Minoan tradition.

Looking forward to playing during their Terra Minoika Music night on 15th October!